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03 December 2008 @ 11:21 am
end of nano write-up  
Total word count for nano: just under 19,000

So, novel: take one was a bust, but an enjoyable bust. But never fear, I'm drafting up plans with the_magpye  for AugNoWriMo; more insanity can and will ensue. And work on Legends in Rust continues regardless of my failed deadline, so here's another small excerpt:

As always, there's small, lingering ways you'll miss a person after they're gone, little pockets that'll appear when you least expect it, something you forget to mourn that stretches out the process. Sleeping arrangements, that's one of them. Our little nightly divions seem uneven now, and I wonder if anyone else notices or if its just me, over reacting about empty spaces and imagined body heat.

"Leah?" He says my name like a question even though I know he sees me. I pause, gaze up at Eli's too sympathetic face. Gauging mine. Misunderstanding. Understanding completely. I blink, swallow, and look back down at my feet, toe a rock; let the motion and rhythm dictate the atmosphere around me.

(c) raptureicons

“You spin the wheel enough times and maybe you come out on top.”

Tim O'Brien